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Personalized Gifts for those Special Occasions

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Personalized Gifts for those Special Occasions

New Baby – Weddings – Anniversaries

Giving a personalized gift to someone is a special and unique way of showing how much you appreciate and care about that person. Today, personalized gifts are easier than ever to give and they are available for virtually any occasion. Whether they are personalized baby gifts, personalized wedding gifts or personalized anniversary gifts, the receiver will know that you went the extra mile to have their gift personalized with a special message or their name beautifully engraved. FirePoint Creations offers you the opportunity to give heartwarming gifts to the ones you love – gifts they will always cherish and remember. We serve customers in the greater Pittsburgh, PA region, including Greensburg, Cranberry Township and Peters Township.

Special Occasions

Such extraordinary and special occasions as weddings, anniversaries or the arrival of a new baby call for the kinds of gift that will be remembered and treasured for a long time. Personalization does just that. Adding names, love messages, poems or quotes to your gift can magnify the appreciation, thoughtfulness and feeling of love conveyed. We offer a variety of affordable and personalized wedding gifts, personalized anniversary gifts and personalized baby gifts, quality made and uniquely designed to create that special moment when they are given.

Personalized Baby Gifts

From the moment it is received, a personalized baby gift will be treasured and placed in a prominent place in the home for display. Including his or her name and special details will make your gift that much more memorable and invoke a warmhearted feeling from your recipient. Whether it is a personalized new born baby plaque, personalized baby block or picture frame, the unique and beautifully recorded information engraved upon your gift will remain a keepsake for many years to come.

Personalized Wedding Gifts

Capture the moment of that Special Day with a personalized wedding gift that stands out for its beauty and attention to detail. The new couple will be able to reminisce and capture their memories with a personalized picture frame, special wedding day plaque or other precious keepsake that includes their names, picture and/or a special inspirational quote or message.

Personalized Anniversary Gifts

Make that special couple’s celebration even more memorable by giving a personalized anniversary gift that will be cherished. Whether it’s your own parents or a loving couple you appreciate, offering a gift that commemorates their accomplishment will show them due honor and respect and will warm their heart even more. Choose from our attractive and quality selection of personalized photo frames, plaques, bread/cheese cutting board and more. These kinds of gifts are sentimental keepsakes that will always remind them of their special love for each other.



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